Offering customers more than a high-value product

There is no conversation about Alaffia’s holistic beauty products that doesn’t circle back to the company’s story. Olowo-n'djo Tchala and Rose Hyde built their company to be a metaphorical bridge between Togo and the United States.

By hardwiring its mission into the business model, a brand has redefined ROI

Philanthropy, transparency, and sustainability are hardwired into their business model. These principles define the relationship that Alaffia fosters with its partners and consumers, and act as the glue between the brand’s overarching vision, purpose, and goals — all of which have allowed them to redefine how a company measures ROI.

A meaningful connection

Digital consumers are flanked by options in every category. More than bargains, volume, and flashy promotions, people are looking for a meaningful connection.

Alaffia entered an Amazon Marketplace partnership with Netrush to give their story a home on the world’s largest e-tailer, where the Beauty category has been growing exponentially.

By working closely with the Alaffia team, Netrush created product listings that reflect the heart and soul of the company, and connect with customers on a personal level.

Additionally, Netrush manages continuous online and offline engagement campaigns that educate and involve customers.

There is no Alaffia brand without their “why”, which makes this aspect of their marketing such an important piece of the story they continue to tell.

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