The best way to enjoy nature is to be a part of it

ENO teamed up with Netrush to make sure their brand and products connect with customers on Amazon Marketplace the same way they do in nature.

ENO’s authenticity

Loyalty and trust from your customers can not be mass-produced. It is earned, one memorable experience at a time.

For Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), there is very little separating the brand from its customers and the outdoor lifestyle they share. Staying true to their roots is how business gets done, all day, every day.

Success starts with the brand’s story

Netrush took the core messaging, images, information, and (most importantly) the voice of ENO, and made these the central focus of the brand’s catalog. This has provided the path to tell ENO's story, develop appealing content that resonates with their customers, and increase the overall value of the brand.

We back this up by managing customized advertising and marketing initiatives that keep sales growing. As market share increases, we are able to monitor customer feedback and use this to fuel our ongoing strategy.

A partnership based on shared values

In addition to aiding growth and sustainability, Netrush supports ENO’s commitment to low-impact recreation and its partnership with the Leave No Trace foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to protect the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly.

ENO created a guide to responsible hammocking that showcased proper use of their products, based on the Leave No Trace foundation's Seven Principles. This guide is included in all DoubleNest Hammocks and Atlas Hammock Suspension Straps distributed through Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging option.

In 2015, Netrush revamped the brochure, adding fresh images, updating copy, and including more information that benefits customers.

MegaFood Product Family

Long-term growth

By understanding the long-term priorities of ENO, Netrush has been able to expand on the core goals of the brand and assist in delivering premium customer experiences.

Product Family

“We know hammocks. What we didn’t know was how to achieve our goals on a marketplace as complex as Amazon. When we partnered with Netrush, we gained a driver that was not just focused on their sales, but rather, helping grow the value of our brand as a whole. Netrush proved through their knowledge and actions that they have the expertise to create a marketplace we are proud to be part of.”

Bobby Jackson

Vice President of Sales, Eagles Nest Outfitters

MegaFood Product Family MegaFood Product Family

Thoughts from Netrush

Functional Support Manager

“Our relationship with ENO has been built on trust from the ground up. Right at the beginning, the teams at Netrush and ENO have been aligned in terms of vision and goals. All the shared success we’ve generated over the years has allowed us to keep adding to the foundation of our partnership.”

Kyle Haskett
Functional Support Manager

Sara Davis - Digital Marketing Development Specialist

“ENO is a fun brand that generates great content. Creatively, we get excited about campaigns. It was the original parachute nylon hammock that set the bar for competitors years ago, and their type of authenticity resonates with so many people. It is a brand that grows constantly. We are always learning new things about the brand’s customer base in new categories and subcategories.”

Sara Davis
Digital Marketing Development Specialist