The true value in putting your customers first

Enzymedica was founded in 1998 with a clear vision: to provide their consumers with the highest-potency enzyme products possible. That has been the first and constant motivator for today’s leading name in enzyme-based digestive support.

For a passionate brand like Enzymedica, which targets a specialized issue like digestion, education around their products is key. It is imperative that people understand why digestive enzymes are effective for aiding the breakdown of food, and what makes Enzymedica’s products superior to alternatives on the market.

Putting the brand’s core value first

When Netrush and Enzymedica formed a partnership, our primary objective was consolidating their product listings and creating a visually appealing catalog that provides the right information to customers who are:

  • Looking for a solution to their digestive needs
  • Interested in related nutritional products
  • Already part of the Enzymedica family

Staying true to its founding goals

As Enzymedica moves closer to its 20th anniversary, the continuous health of the brand reflects the strength of its products. The natural side effect of staying true to its original goal has been the brand’s multiple awards, an ongoing increase in sales, and a growing body of loyal customers.

Product Family

Thoughts from Netrush

Brand Manager

“There is a very special dynamic between Netrush and Enzymedica. Our success is a result of the mutual trust we share. We work very well together, with full knowledge that we’ve got each other’s best interests in mind. The energy that everyone at Enzymedica brings makes working together a pleasure. They are very passionate about their customers and their product, and this translates into very genuine conversations. Everybody is always willing to talk about strategy, goals, and look for new ways to improve upon what we are doing. The great communication between our companies has made this a very rewarding partnership.”

Brittney Weissenbuehler
Brand Manager