Organic growth, driven by a brand’s mission

Host Defense founder, Paul Stamets, DSc, has made sustainability and social responsibility part of his company’s overarching mission. By using gourmet and functional food mushrooms to improve the health of the planet and its people, he has unlocked the potential of a natural resource that grows without risk of being depleted.

Sustainable by design

The company’s low-impact, high-effect product model is sustainable by design. This serves to both inspire loyalty and educate consumers.

Growing the brand’s story

As a partner on the Amazon Marketplace, Netrush created a dedicated brand page that serves as a hub for customers to shop and engage with Host Defense. Their diverse suite of products is categorized according to function and polished with enhanced content.

Product Family

Continued efforts

The brand is grounded in scientific research and has a loyal, committed customer base. In addition to optimizing the product listings, Netrush continues to invest in marketing campaigns that are aimed at educating customers and adding new faces to their established following.

Host Defense continues to use its resources to support research into mycoremediation technologies that break down toxic waste, mycofiltration methods to clean water using mycelium, and the development of mycelium-based biofuels.

Simultaneously, Netrush continues to drive their message on the largest e-tail platform in the world.