A name that stands for innovative excellence in every language

Tim Leatherman’s story might be synonymous with Oregon’s pioneering spirit, but his brand has won the hearts and imaginations of “doers” and “makers” around the world.

People have come to associate the Leatherman name with quality. They expect it. The ingenuity and reliability of every Leatherman product is why the brand has become the universal standard against which all multi-tools are measured. That’s what creating decades of satisfied, loyal customers will do.

Translating excellence

Leatherman Tool Group and NetRush initially partnered during the Amazon Marketplace launch of the brand’s award-winning Tread, a patented multi-function wearable tool.

In collaboration with the Leatherman team, NetRush created the unobtainable: an Amazon Marketplace presentation that mirrors the brand’s established standards and values. Using rich, authentic imagery, product insight, and educational pieces, the brand’s story is retold to Amazon shoppers on Leatherman’s terms.

A future grounded in core values

The Leatherman brand is 30+ years young, with a long future in the digital arena ahead. No matter how platforms may be influenced by new technology, the core values and pioneering spirit of Tim Leatherman will always be what places the brand in a league of its own.

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