Don’t cheat yourself out of a good night’s sleep

Equipped with a focused message, an effective marketing plan, and a dedicated Amazon Marketplace partner, LectroFan has become a customer favorite, consistently selling in the top 500 within Health & Personal Care.

The value of satisfied customers

Public opinion is one of the most effective ways to measure a product’s value and relevancy.

This makes launching a new product a challenge — you have to review market conditions, forecast sales and necessary stock, and implement a marketing strategy. Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) partnered with NetRush to bring LectroFan to market, using the Amazon Marketplace as a launching pad to success.


Key Success Points from Product Launch

Two and a half years and over 100,000 units later, LectroFan’s Amazon listing has reached over 5,000 customer reviews and maintains a near-perfect rating.

Every day, rave reviews pour in as customers experience better sleep with LectroFan.

  • Exceeded sales goal by 400%
  • Exclusive product listing on Amazon
  • Top 500 sales rank in the Health category
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Data-driven customer insights
  • Over 100,000 units sold
  • Over 5,000 organic customer reviews


Looking Ahead

Building on the positive feedback, NetRush designed a branded box for LectroFan that is 100% recyclable and certified by Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging department.

As we continue to expand our partnership, ASTI prepares to launch new devices such as the NOVO, the next generation of smart technology for automated environmental volume control. NOVO is the company’s fourth patented product and an exciting addition to their suite of adaptive sound technologies.

“Our company had high expectations when we developed and launched our new product. Teaming up with an experienced seller on the Amazon Marketplace provided us with additional confidence that it would be successful. NetRush provided the marketing insight that allowed us to far exceed our sales goal. The partnership has been an overwhelming success!”

Sam Nicolino

President, Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc

Thoughts from NetRush

Brand Manager

“LectroFan is a great product — it is actually perfect for the Amazon Marketplace. When we initially began the partnership, the brand trusted us with marketing, packaging, and content, allowing our team to be very creative when taking LectroFan to market. The success we have shared has been built on that trust, and it has led to new opportunities together.”

Terrence Saracco
Brand Manager