Translating MegaFood’s authentic story for Amazon customers

Since teaming up with NetRush, MegaFood has been able to use the Amazon Marketplace to tell their story to millions of customers. All this, while continuing to focus on their specialty: improving people’s lives through authentic nourishment.

A history of customer loyalty

Since launching in 1973, MegaFood has made product quality and customer loyalty a top priority. In 1982, they took the lead in creating whole food supplements, pioneering the delivery of essential vitamins to customers, and haven’t looked back. Their innovative, customer-first approach is the core of their business — and part of what continues to make the MegaFood brand exceptional.

Preserving a legacy for the long term

When MegaFood entered a partnership with NetRush, they wanted to be recognizable on the Amazon Marketplace. With countless brands and retailers competing in close proximity, it is essential that people immediately identify their authenticity.

NetRush saw the importance of putting sustainable strategies in place that aligned the brand with sellers who share MegaFood’s passion for quality and loyalty.

We simultaneously worked hard to eliminate rogue sellers who were diluting the brand’s value.

MegaFood Product Family

“Our story is what drives our brand. When it came to sharing our story on the Amazon Marketplace, we found a company that has the knowledge and expertise to effectively communicate everything that makes MegaFood so great. NetRush has the passion to want to do it the right way. We have found a partner that shares our same principles.”

Robert Craven

CEO, MegaFood

Telling the natural MegaFood story

  • Furnished MegaFood’s catalog with consistent imagery, information, and messaging
  • Made it easy to navigate their product catalog
  • Gave the images a fresh, clean look
  • Built a rich story with premium content

MegaFood Product Family

MegaFood Product Family

Data-driven insights

By keeping a close eye on marketplace trends, and responding to sales and campaign performances, NetRush has been able to help the MegaFood brand grow. Communication and trust between MegaFood and NetRush has been the backbone of our shared success. As data is generated, the flow of information goes straight to the brand, ensuring that collaboration, experience, and insight are driving the brand’s strategy.

MegaFood Infographics
MegaFood Infographics

Thoughts from NetRush

Shwan Fentron Brand Manager

“There is great alignment between MegaFood and NetRush. From day one, we have shared goals, values, and an idea about what needs to be done. Important pillars in any partnership. The MegaFood story is a great one to tell — they are all about delivering high-value to customers and being 100% transparent. We have a lot of fun being a vehicle to tell that story and give back to a brand that is special to the NetRush team.”

Shawn Fenton
Brand Manager