Preserving a family legacy one warm step at a time

For the PEET Dryer family, it’s important to know that customers purchasing their products from a family-owned store in rural Idaho share the same experience as an Amazon customer in Boise. Netrush’s partnership with PEET is rooted in respect for the brand’s commitment to customers, and the preservation of a family legacy.

When great ideas take flight

What started as a great idea by Gene Peet in 1968 has become the most unique and effective shoe dryer on the market, warming soggy boots for outdoorsmen across the nation. The people who use a PEET Dryer love the product. Swear by it. Rely on it.

As a family brand, the support and trust of its loyal customers is vital. Along with the fishing, hiking, and sporting secrets that are passed down from generation to generation, so has Gene Peet’s innovative dryer become part of the cultural fabric that surrounds his customers.

Delivering the PEET Dryer experience

With millions of sellers on the Amazon Marketplace, Netrush worked with PEET Dryer to ensure their story is properly communicated through approved imagery, copy, and educational collateral. Our goal as a high-value retail partner is to facilitate the delivery of the PEET Dryer premium experience.

Product Family

Product Family

“I can always rely on Netrush. They are an extension of our brand. They are a great partner to have on our side — their team makes us look good and keeps our brand integrity in place. I would not trade that for anything.”

Andy Kennelly

Vice President Sales & Marketing, Peet Dryer

Thoughts from Netrush

Brand Manager

“The team at PEET love the product, the outdoor industry, and their clients. It is easy to mirror their passion, because it comes from such a genuine place. Our partnership is about more than numbers on a screen and forecasting. They really care about the brand, its retailers, and how the Amazon Marketplace supports both.”

Terrence Saracco
Brand Manager