A brand’s strength is in spreading happiness

NetRush handed Strider control of their brand by identifying and strengthening the touchpoints between Strider and Amazon consumers. As Strider continues to grow and reach budding riders, NetRush is proud to represent their brand through new seasons.

The gift of motion made simple

Strider’s range of no-pedal balance bikes has minimized the task of learning how to ride, making it a safe and natural progression, as easy as walking — and a lot more fun.

The brand’s message has quickly spread around the world, gaining popularity with every rave review posted by families who are excited to be a part of the brand’s story. In just a few short years, Strider Bikes has gone from a great niche product born in Ryan McFarland’s garage to a household name representing timeless memories.

Telling Strider’s full story

When NetRush teamed up with Strider, the first stop on our journey was creating a digital catalog that performs three important functions:

  • Display the full range of products using crisp images and accurate information
  • Educate customers about Strider Bikes and their unique performance points
  • Reach new customers by optimizing the content’s search performance

By implementing a strong content strategy that complements the brand, NetRush makes it possible for Strider to connect with customers naturally. At the heart of their customer base, the authentic Strider story has been the driving force of the brand’s success, which shouldn not change from platform to platform.

Product Family

“Moving our entire Amazon sales and brand representation to NetRush recently has been a game changer. NetRush is experienced, responsive, professional, and savvy. Trusting their expertise and execution in this channel has also freed up our staff to focus in other areas. We couldn't be happier.”

Ryan McFarland

Founder & CEO, Strider

Thoughts from NetRush

Brand Manager

“The trust between Strider and NetRush provides a solid foundation for the partnership. There is full transparency when we talk about strategies for upcoming seasons, or plans for new campaigns. The Strider team knows that we are always putting our best thinking into making the brand grow. They are not just an account to us, and I know that we are more than just a retailer.”

Terrence Saracco
Brand Manager

Sara Davis Digital Marketing Development Specialist

“Strider is a brand that brings the warm and fuzzies. It is a product that gives back to users and their loved ones. The concept is genius — they have made learning to ride a bike as easy as walking. It is just a pleasure to be able to share the brand’s message and be a part of their ongoing growth.”

Sara Davis
Digital Marketing Development Specialist