Your loyal customers are a tribe

NetRush joined the Sunwarrior Tribe in 2013 to translate their brand story into an Amazon Marketplace strategy that gives customers an authentic experience.

Simple, basic goodness is timeless

The Sunwarrior brand has quickly become a marketplace heavyweight in protein-based superfoods, thanks to a few important things that they do:

  • Provide clean, powerful products that are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients
  • Embody the healthy-life, healthy-lifestyle story they tell
  • Create stunning brand content that appeals to their customer base

A network of contributors

Sunwarrior built a successful brand by working with retailers that share their commitment to quality and integrity. This includes maintaining consistent prices across all sales channels.

As partners, we have built a healthier marketplace by introducing and enforcing the following initiatives:

  • Sunwarriors’ Minimum Advertised Pricing policy
  • The identification of unknown sellers
  • Processes to eliminate unauthorized sellers
  • Ensure that Sunwarrior controls their brand story
  • Stabilize and grow sales

The number of sellers on Amazon has been reduced, and NetRush continues to satisfy the market demand. By updating product detail pages and deploying a variety of ongoing campaigns, NetRush continues to grow sales across their product line.

Sunwarrior Product Family

“We are extremely pleased with our partnership with NetRush. We have seen growth in both our retail and wholesale accounts due to NetRush monitoring Amazon on our behalf. Since partnering with them, we have seen significant improvements to our marketing position on the Amazon Marketplace, and our overall brand integrity. NetRush’s team delivered as promised — an Amazon strategy that worked!”

Bill Fowler

Chief Sales Officer, Sunwarrior

Thoughts from NetRush

Shwan Fentron Brand Manager

“The team at Sunwarrior are very good communicators. There is also a great foundation of trust we share, and this makes our partnership exciting. We have been able to grow and scale in so many ways, because of our ability to set goals, talk strategy, and make it happen.”

Shawn Fenton
Brand Manager