Giving modern consumers a blend of science and nature

As one of the trailblazers and veterans of the superfood category, Vibrant Health has held fast to its core values: putting consumers first, focusing on product quality, and placing education and transparency ahead of marketing.

An innovative approach to nutrition

Over the years, Vibrant Health has become a leading brand in an ever changing and growing industry, and continues to practice what it preaches. By maintaining a forward-thinking approach that is equally grounded in science and nature, it has held an effective edge in the nutrition space.

Reflecting excellence on the marketplace

When NetRush entered a partnership with Vibrant Health, the primary goal was to create a standardized buying experience for its loyal customers. This has meant consolidating duplicate listings, and ensuring all their content reflects the brand’s native catalog.

Product Family

Implementing a proactive strategy

NetRush set about enforcing a standard pricing structure. This resulted in consistent offerings between Amazon Marketplace and Vibrant’s Health’s brick-and-mortar retailers, making purchasing a matter of convenience.

This is further enhanced by a robust marketing program that serves to:

  • Gain a better understanding of Vibrant Health’s customer base
  • Test and optimize marketing strategies
  • Educate and engage customers

"They’ve been very diligent in everything they do. I’m impressed with how many people help us and know the ins and outs of the company. They’re an extension of our arm. They’re a part of our company."

Sarah Colacurcio

Operations Manager, Vibrant Health

Looking ahead

Vibrant Health has preserved all of the passion that went into starting the brand back in 1992, and asserted itself as an apex brand that will continue leading the charge for years to come.

Thoughts from NetRush

Digital Content Associate

“Learning about the innovative products has been the best part of creating content for Vibrant Health. They are an industry leader who care about their customers’ health and well-being enough to never settle on “good enough”. They are constantly growing and changing their product line to best suit the needs of their customers, which keeps things exciting.”

Andrea Ten Kley
Digital Content Associate