Brian Gonsalves, CEO, at 2017 NBJ Summit


The 20th annual NBJ Summit, sponsored by New Hope Network, kicks off on July 17, 2017. Over 300 of the nutrition industry’s most influential thinkers and power brokers will gather for four days of educational discussions and strategic think tanks surrounding the progress, opportunities, and challenges facing the industry.

Netrush CEO Brian Gonsalves will be a featured speaker at this year’s summit. His sessions will primarily focus on short and longterm opportunities during this critical point in the evolution of retail. With Amazon in mind, it’s essential for leaders to take swift action that will serve customers and focus on sustainable growth in a space where brands are increasingly more vulnerable to disruption. Details of each talk is listed below.

Inside the World of Amazon: What’s Coming and How Your Brand Can Thrive in This Brave New World

Details here.

Amazon: Leading the Way in Building Future Technology

Details here.

Retail Panel Q&A

Details here.

To read Brian’s latest snippets of insight, follow his weekly posts on LinkedIn.

New Hope Network’s NBJ Summit will be hosted from July 17–20, 2017 at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

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