5 Moments of Inspiration from Jessica Miller, CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities

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To celebrate Women’s History Month and get the conversation going, we spoke with Jessica Miller, CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities. We’ve been working with and supporting RHMC for several years and invited Jessica to talk with us about her experience as a woman in leadership.

Here’s what she said:

1. On making hard decisions
“You kind of have to let go a little bit of trying to get everything right the first time, every time, and let people into the process a little bit and not be afraid to make a decision and then adjust or reverse it even as the impacts roll out.”

2. On leading beyond fear
“Here we are trying to emerge from COVID and, not surprisingly, everybody’s still, like, freaked out, you know? They’re freaked out and we have to do what we did with compassion and hospitality. We have to do what we did at the beginning of this. We have to help people find their way back out to the light. And help people to feel confident and comfortable and supported. Help people to embrace this new world.”

3. On advocating
“Our world needs help. We need help right now. There are people living on the streets. There are people without food. There are people without mental healthcare and physical healthcare. We are not structured in a way right now where we are taking care of people. And if private, independent citizens like us don’t step up and do something, it’s gonna get worse and worse and worse. So I guess from that perspective, don’t be quiet, you know? Be loud.”

4. On internal vs external work
“What I would say that what’s most important is what you’re actually doing – the internal work that you’re doing. And once you’re really focused and really committed on an internal path, and this is above and beyond Black Lives Matter, whatever your cause, when you’re aligned and when you’re committed to it and when you’re working for it, the external messaging will come a little more naturally and will come a little more easily.”

5. On responsibility
“In this world, you need only to walk outside to see the incredible need that’s out there. Everybody should be giving of themselves right now. If it’s not to RMHC, it needs to be to something. Because there are human beings out there suffering and struggling and it’s up to us to help pull everybody up.”

We’d like to thank Jessica for joining us in this Zoomside chat. We’re excited to continue supporting her non-profit and we’re inspired to continue our commitment to DEI and creating an inclusive culture here at Netrush.