5 Reasons We’re Excited about Amazon’s New Customer Engagement Tool

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As retailers and marketers, we spend a lot of effort focused at the beginning of the customer journey, making sure shoppers are aware of our products and convincing them that our product is the one for them.

But I’d argue that making connections with your loyal fans is an equally important place to focus. We know it costs much more to acquire a new customer than to retain existing ones. Repeat customers buy more frequently and spend more as well, and they’re more likely to share their positive experiences with friends and family.

Until recently, Amazon has made it tricky for brands to connect with shoppers directly. But a new program called Manage Your Customer Engagement holds the promise to change all that. In short, Amazon’s new tool allows brands with Amazon Brand Registry to send email campaigns to customers that have elected to follow them from their brand store.

Needless to say, the possibilities of this program has the Netrush team abuzz. Here are five reasons we can’t wait to start using this tool.

1. Finally, there’s a way to announce new product launches to an audience who is primed to try them. These are the shoppers who will be most excited to hear about your brand’s new styles for the season, a new size of their favorite product, or a whole new line you’ve added to your catalog.

2. We’ll be able to send coupons or other offers to the customers most likely to use them.

3. It’s a great way for shoppers to get exposure to your brand’s whole line of products. Cross sell, cross sell, cross sell. ‘Nuff said.

4. It gives shoppers a reason to keep coming back to your brand store. Besides your brand’s DTC site, your brand store is one of the best places for shoppers to learn about everything you have to offer. Yet, many shoppers don’t even know that brand stores exist unless an ad drives them there. Amazon’s new engagement tool promises to increase traffic and make stores an even more valuable brand asset.

5. Admittedly, this is pure conjecture, as Amazon has only launched its new tool with some basic modules so far, but they’ve hinted at developing more robust capabilities for the future. This could be an additional opportunity to tell your brand’s story. Your company history, your practices, your community investment. And that’s an opportunity to create an even greater customer bond.

We’ll be sharing our learnings and success stories in the coming weeks—especially as we hurtle toward Prime Day. (All signs point to it happening in June this year.) Stay tuned.