Alexa Is Coming to Mexico


Amazon will soon be bringing Alexa to Mexico, which will be the first localized Latin American country for the voice assistant. “Today, we’re excited to announce that developers can start building voice experiences for customers in Mexico using the Alexa Skills Kit,” reads a post on the Alexa Developer’s Blog. “Skills that developers create now and are certified for publication will be available for customers when Alexa launches in Mexico later this year.” In addition to launching the Alexa Skills Kit in Mexico, hardware manufacturers including Sonos and Bose will be bringing their Alexa-enabled devices to Mexico.

Naturally, Alexa will able to speak Mexican Spanish after the launch. As far as foreign languages go, Alexa has been behind competitors like Google Assistant, as the voice service could previously only speak English, German, and Japanese, and can currently only understand accents from the US, India, the UK, and Canada. In an effort to expand their language offerings, Amazon released a language learning skill in March called Cleo, which calls on users to help Alexa learn new languages.

“Alexa Everywhere” is the vision for Amazon’s voice assistant, according to the Alexa Voice Service Principal of Business Development, Mariel van Tatenhove. So far, this ambitious vision has some credibility; Alexa can be found in third-party speakers, cars, laptops, Xboxes, smart homes, hotels, and smartphones. Expanding Alexa to learn new languages and be available in new countries appear to be the next steps in helping Amazon fulfill their vision.