Amazon Is Buying Whole Foods: What We’re Watching


This morning’s acquisition announcement of Whole Foods by Amazon is a signal of increasing focus on digital shoppers that choose natural, organic, and healthy lifestyles — a consumer base we have come to know well through our partnerships with many great brands. Today’s announcement sits on a runway of events that started long ago, too often punctuated by closures and declines, but provides some certainty that the conversation can continue with this important and growing digital consumer base.

While there are many unknowns, we do know that the retail landscape continues to shift, and these are the things we’re watching closely after this acquisition:

  • How will consumer behavior and product preferences change?
  • Will product selection remain a strong driver?
  • What are the supply chain and distribution implications of the Amazon-Whole Foods model?
  • What new opportunities does this create for brands?

Brands that are passionate about their products and have embraced digital consumers are not only more resilient, but are also positioned to create new opportunities as a result of change. We continue to navigate change alongside our partners in search of the most valuable opportunities.