Amazon Lockers Boost Whole Foods Micro Visits


According to a report by inMarket (via Reuters News), the number of short visits, or “micro visits,” to Whole Foods Market increased 11% at stores with Amazon Lockers since Amazon’s purchase of the grocery retailer. Shoppers who stop at Whole Foods to pick up an Amazon package may be inclined to make a quick purchase, such as a drink, snack, or promoted item. Whole Foods is able to encourage impulse purchases by placing Amazon lockers next to promoted grab-and-go products and convenient checkout options, according to Stewart Samuel, program director for IGD Services.

This scenario is putting Amazon and Whole Foods in a position of control. Brands that are investing in attractive options for on-the-go shoppers, as well as those that can establish a relationship with Amazon and Whole Foods, may gain a competitive advantage as Amazon Lockers and micro visits become more pronounced.