Amazon Pushes “Our Brands” in Apparel


Amazon has rolled out a few features to their marketplace that overtly identify Amazon-owned private-label apparel products, and has begun pushing these brands to the front of certain search results.

When searching for categories of apparel products, such as “shirts” or “onesies,” a slider titled “Top Rated from Our Brands” will appear above organically ranked search results.

Both within the slider and in organic search results, an Amazon-owned brand will identify itself as such with text that reads “Our Brand.” This reinforces Amazon’s desire to establish themself as a leader in the apparel industry, rather than simply selling white-label products to unknowing shoppers.

How can established brands counter Amazon’s private-label push? Through excellent customer loyalty, superior storytelling, and brand legacy. Substance, Storytelling, and E-commerce Authenticity outlines why these things are so important to brand success, particularly in an era of private-label products.