Amazon Releases Four PC Designs


Back in January at CES, Amazon announced Alexa for PCs, allowing customers and developers alike to bring Alexa to their personal computers. Yesterday, Amazon pushed their PC efforts one step further by announcing “four new designs for PC manufacturers to work off of, which could make it easier to integrate Alexa in more PCs,” according to The Verge.

Here are the details on the announcement from Amazon’s developer blog:

“Four Windows 10 PCs have been added to our portfolio of qualified ODM solutions integrated with Alexa: An all-in-one desktop from Wistron, and convertible notebooks from Compal, Quanta, and Wistron. All of these pre-tested, final-product designs have been built for a far-field Alexa experience, with Intel CPUs, drivers, wake word engine, and microphone arrays.”

Much like partnering with home builders to put Alexa in new houses, this move furthers Amazon’s vision of “Alexa Everywhere.”