Astaxanthin — The Next Big Supplement Trend?


Astaxanthin is a natural antioxidant with an estimated global market of $1 billion as of 2019, with a 16% annual growth rate.

There are lots of drivers behind the growth of Astaxanthin and natural antioxidants. COVID-19 is an obvious one — the pandemic changed consumer attitudes and supercharged growth in the supplement market. But the high cost of healthcare in the US is another long-term driver that’s been spurring consumer interest in antioxidants.

A 2020 survey conducted by Bankrate found that as many as 1 in 3 US families had avoided doctor visits, medications, vaccinations, annual exams, vision checks, and more due to prohibitive costs. Many Americans are skipping medical care visits and taking a more holistic approach to their health in terms of diet and exercise. Taking supplements is an increasingly popular way for consumers to be proactive about their health.


Astaxanthin + Amazon

Amazon is the top online retailer for astaxanthin, per data from Google Trends. Monthly sales for astaxanthin on the marketplace are estimated to be around $972K. Top Amazon search trends for astaxanthin include “12 mg,” “softgel,” “4mg,” and “10mg.” Combined, those top 5 search terms account for 14,406 searches per month.

What are Amazon shoppers looking for in an astaxanthin supplement?

To answer this question, the Netrush team combed through the top positive and negative reviews of the top five astaxanthin products on Amazon. Here’s our list of the top things that shoppers liked in an astaxanthin product.

  • Better vision (21%)
  • Prevented sunburn (11%)
  • Quality product (10%)
  • Relieved pain (10%)
  • More energy (6%)
  • Good price (4%)
  • Better skin (4%)

The percent next to each item represents the percentage of reviews that contained that praise or complaint.

What Amazon shoppers dislike in an astaxanthin supplement?
  • Did not work/no difference (26%)
  • Caused upset stomach (9%)
  • Large pill size (4%)
  • Hard to swallow (4%)
  • No change in vision (4%)

The percent next to each item represents the percentage of reviews that contained that praise or complaint.

Top performing astaxanthin brands on Amazon

11 brands makeup 94% of the Amazon market for Astaxanthin. Out of those brands, Nutrex Hawaii’s BioAstin brand is the top performer, and carries approximately one-third of monthly sales.

In terms of estimated monthly sales, these are the top five astaxanthin brands on Amazon:


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