Buying Internationally on Amazon Gets Easier (Sort Of)


Amazon rolled out a feature that makes shopping internationally a little bit easier for customers. While international shipping has been an option on for some time, Amazon’s mobile app now has an “International Shopping” setting that can show customers only products that can be shipped to them, allow for currency choice, display shipping costs, and display notifications on newly available products. Additionally, the setting allows for 5 languages (Spanish, English, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and German) and over 25 currencies. This feature will be most beneficial to customers in countries that don’t have their own Amazon marketplace — allowing them to shop on the US Amazon marketplace more easily.

Despite the launch of this feature, there are still some major roadblocks when it comes to international shopping. Shipping times and prices have not changed, which are arguably the biggest obstacle for shoppers. Additionally, this feature is only available on the Amazon mobile app, and product availability has not changed. That being said, Amazon is slowly chipping away at friction for international shoppers, and brands may see a slight increase in international sales as a result.

Netrush has been making investments to make shopping easier, less expensive, and quicker for our brand partners’ international customers. Earlier this year, we were licensed by Health Canada, allowing us to import licensed natural products and supplements from the US to Canada, and to represent brand partners on Additionally, we have developed a fulfillment hub in Germany, giving us closer access to European shoppers. While international shipping is a viable option, brands can reduce many roadblocks (such as expensive shipping fees and long shipping times) by working with a partner that is able to extend their fulfillment network.

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For more on our Canada expansion, listen to Jennifer Brand, Netrush Director of Internation Expansion, talk with Raj Sapru about our endeavors: