Employee Spotlight: Claire Warnick


Claire is the Netrush HR Representative in Erlanger, Kentucky, and she spent last week visiting our HQ in Vancouver, Washington. While she wasn’t able to take care of her three cats (Frodo, Izzy, and Lucy) during the week, she absorbed a lot of Vancouver-specific information and shared insight with us from the Bluegrass State.

Tell me about your position at Netrush.

I worked as a shipper for Netrush for a year, and transitioned into HR in January. My day revolves around taking care of employee needs, managing our hiring process, onboarding new staff, working out logistics, and planning events.

I’m doing something that I really enjoy. I like talking with people, helping them figure things out, and being an advocate for them. I love being able to help our employees see how Netrush’s values impact them in their day to day operations.

As HR Associate, what kinds of community events have you organized?

Now that we’re in our new building, we have lots of room for the occasional event. I’m organizing a luau themed party, which is exciting; I’m even hiring a steel drum band. I want people to get into there and feel like they’ve stepped into a tropical paradise [laughs].

We’re doing employee learning sessions too. For example, a local bank is coming in to educate our staff about budgeting. They’re going to go over getting a mortgage, things like that. We have all different ages working with us; people who aren’t 21 yet are mixing with people who are in retirement, so I think having education sessions like this is a great thing.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to volunteer and kayak too. I’ve been living in an apartment, so it’s hard to keep the kayak nearby, but I try to be outside whenever possible.

What’s something you like to do outdoors?

I do hooping. Do you know what that is?

Do you mean hula-hooping?

Yeah, exactly, but in complex patterns and styles. You usually do it at concerts and around live music. My boyfriend is a DJ so we will go to events whenever we can, and I’ll hoop and he’ll DJ.

Very cool. Do you go to any music festivals?

Yeah. I’ve been to a bunch, like Lollapalooza and the Hangout, and take my hoops with me. It’s fun to meet people; a lot of people who I meet are really friendly, and the festival and hooping communities are really great.

Any other noteworthy things to do around town?
Smale Park Piano

I really like walking down by the river; we have a really cool park, Smale Park, it just opened, and it’s really nice. There’s a huge piano where you can just step on the keys. Sawyer Point has “party in the park” every Wednesday during the summer. They have a lot of local bands.

I’ve heard a legend of chili spaghetti. Is that a real thing?

Oh yeah. It’s great. It’s called Skyline Chili, and it’s just really runny chili. You could drink it if you wanted to. You get spaghetti topped with chili topped with cheese. Chili is a big deal in Cincinnati; you know where you’re from based on your chili parlor. There’s Skyline, Gold Star, Camp Washington, Dixie Chili, Price Hill Chili… everybody argues about which is best. There’s also Pleasant Ridge Chili [laughs]. They all taste different, but the winner is Skyline!