Employee Spotlight: Sara Davis


In three words, Sara Davis is “the cat’s meow,” according to Digital Marketing Manager, Jordache Perozzo. In fact, she has two cats named Lola (after The Kinks song) and Dolly (after the Louis Armstrong song). As a vital member of the Netrush team, we decided to delve into what makes Sara such an exemplary addition to the company.

Tell me about joining Netrush.

I was actually the first person hired on the official marketing team. Before that, everybody was a brand specialist and did everything, including content and marketing. After we created teams and specialty roles, I was the first person hired from the outside to be on the marketing team.

In what major ways have things changed since then?

I work more on future tools and development. I also work on finding new ways to add value to the department. The marketing department has grown substantially in the past year. I’ve gone from being super stressed and having too much going on, to now being able to focus on my projects.

Marketing Cats

The Netrush Marketing team… slightly edited

How did you get into marketing?

I studied journalism in school. I had internships here and there but didn’t love any of it. I moved overseas for a while and just got any job I could. I worked as a substitute teacher on a military base. I would say this is my first “big girl” job.

What does your average day at work look like?

It’s different every day, which is great. I check emails and cases like the rest of the team. I’m more working on development on our team but I will help the other associates if they need it. I check on any of the big campaigns that we are running. I optimize those daily, which takes up a bit of time, and I always check to see any kind of halo effect they’re having, and whether they’re changing at all. Usually I’m collaborating with other team members on a project or two, but for the most part I work independently.

What did you do before Netrush?

I went to Portland State University. I’ve had a lot of different jobs. My first job was in fast food, like most people. I’ve worked in retail, I’ve done event stuff, like scanning people for metal and stuff, for an event company. I’ve done substitute teaching, which was one of my favorite jobs I’ve had. I worked for Oregon Bride as an intern for a while, and I worked as a promotion intern at an alternative rock radio station, where I got to go to a lot of free shows.

What’s the most challenging thing about your job?

I would say change, which is challenging but also something I like. Both on the Amazon side and as far as how Netrush is changing. I like it, I like how it keeps me on my toes, but getting used to change can be frustrating. But more often than not change is for the good.

Marketing Gunz

The Netrush Marketing team as Ghostbusters, Halloween 2016

What do you think Netrush does differently?

We call the brands we work with our partners, not our clients. We are part of their brand. We don’t just want to be somebody who is hired to do one job. We are actively working to know their brand, to be part of their brand, to grow their brand, and to share information that we learn and vice versa. I think we really are more hand in hand than working for them. I think that’s really great.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I love food and cooking. Most of the time you can find me just eating [laughs]. I love beer. My husband and I are buddies; we have dirt bikes and quads and we like to go to the dunes and rip around getting all muddy. I love being outside, I like camping. I also have two cats; they’re a couple of mutts that we adopted.

What is your favorite food?

It’s a toss-up between pasta and sushi. Pasta is just so easy to make. I lived in Naples and grew to love it there. It’s kind of the only thing available to eat there besides pizza. Sushi I just love. As far as going out to eat goes, I actually have a food Instagram.

Do you want me to plug that?

You can if you want [laughs]. I really like going out to Italian restaurants like La Bottega in Vancouver, Washington. I also love some good pub grub every once in a while.

What’s one thing you take away from work here?

I’ve definitely grown a lot. My confidence has grown incredibly since I started here. I am more confident in speaking my mind. Taking the lead on projects has taught me a lot.