From a Single Sample to a Lifetime Customer

From a Single Sample to a Lifetime Customer

Time and again, sampling programs have been a proven marketing and sales tactic for nearly every industry. To put the power of sample sizes into perspective, a Sonas Marketing case study on Costco’s sampling strategy found that roughly one-third of shoppers had sampled their ground turkey product prior to purchase. In addition, close to 60% of their yogurt sales were featured sample products purchased by shoppers, and all bagels and frozen pizza purchases were a direct result of former sampling.

Netrush recently launched a new and unique program that converts customers into loyal supporters of a brand. It’s called Sample Plus – a program designed to build product awareness with a fresh approach to new-to-market strategies, and entice customers through sample product launches.


When a brand takes part in the Sample Plus program, we do more than just buy products and fulfill customer orders,” said Sara Goeson, Partner Development, Program Lead. “We work with you from the very beginning to identify the biggest opportunity to increase your market share within your category and convert new customers into advocates for your brand.  Plus, you’ll get access to our teams of experts devoted to your long-term success on Amazon.


Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • Netrush works with your brand to get one of your existing products into a sample size version for Amazon’s virtual shelves. In addition, we’ll work with your team to launch an Amazon-exclusive full-size version of that same product to convert new customers into brand loyalists.
  • Since we’ll be handling customer fulfillment for the Amazon-exclusive variant, we’ll purchase the inventory of this item upfront. This reduces your risk and gives you full control.
  • Your brand’s sample size and Amazon-exclusive product exist alongside your brand’s current product offerings. Netrush will essentially add to these parents listings and create content for the new child ASINs. Prior to this listing going live, we’ll ensure final approvals are made by you.
  • You’ll soon have customers actively shopping in your category that comes across your product and decide to try it over your competitor’s offerings because you have a low-cost sample size option. When a customer buys your sample size, they’ll also receive a branded insert and a coupon to buy the Amazon-exclusive full-size at a discounted price – incentivizing them to try the Amazon-exclusive full-size version.
  • Netrush will process and ship all of your brand’s sample size and Amazon-exclusive full-size products. While on the back end, we’ll provide your business with all the data and consumer insights that will help you to understand the benefits and effectiveness of our Sample Plus program.

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