Hard Choices: Reevaluate Your Legacy Supply Chain


We’ve been talking about the importance of speed as it pertains to brands and retail strategy. This has been coming up frequently since the recent Amazon / Whole Foods announcement. With marketplaces like Amazon, you can’t drop-ship products and expect the platform to do the rest. The shift to digital is forcing brands to develop or hire for a skill set that was previously the job of retail and other service providers.

If you’re unsure about how this applies to your brand, start by reevaluating your legacy retail supply chains and think about the path to purchase for your customers.

Fast moving brands are not slowed down by distribution barriers. Ask yourself:

who are you partnering with to get your product in front of consumers? If it’s not working and not delivering with enough speed, it’s time to make some tough changes. “That’s the way we’ve always done it,” isn’t a good enough reason to keep a slow moving system in place.

24 hour delivery will soon become 2 hour delivery, and the driving force behind this won’t be Amazon, e-commerce or your competitors: it’ll be your customers.

Originally published by Brian Gonsalves on LinkedIn.