How Effective Are Sample Programs?

How Effective are Sample Programs?

Shoppers love a good sample – whether it’s two bites of artichoke dip at Costco or a small packet of under-eye cream from Ulta. Samples have allowed new customers to experience products in a low-risk, low-cost setting for both brick and mortar and e-commerce retailers.

How effective are sample programs?



According to Amazon research, sample programs bring successful outcomes for brands. More than 90% of the converted sample participants were new to the brand. In addition, on average they purchased about two units, while an estimated 40 – 60% responded that samples were the direct influence for a full-size purchase.

In e-commerce, a brand’s physical product is even further away from the customer; they can’t pick it up off the shelf to get a sense of what they should expect,” said Sara Goeson, Netrush Partner Development Program Lead. “Providing shoppers with the option to try a sample before committing to the purchase of a full-size product helps bridge the gap between customers in the physical world and products for sale online.


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