How to Sideswipe the Competition and Acquire Customers in One Blow


The situation

PEET is one of the top shoe dryer brands in the US and has long targeted hunters and people who work outdoors—an increasingly saturated market. In 2019, PEET kept losing its “Amazon’s Choice” status to rival brands and competitor share of voice had gone up by 15% year-over-year, suggesting that the competition was closing in. In addition, Netrush data showed an 85% increase in year-over-year cost per click thresholds, indicative of heavy attacks from competitors.

The Netrush approach

When a market is saturated, there’s only one thing to do: Expand the market. We knew PEET would appeal for another practical audience: moms. So we developed a strategy to establish PEET as a family brand and a household staple. Our team overhauled their camo-forward DTC site and Amazon presence with content designed for moms and fully funded an omnichannel mix of digital ads and branded video content targeted toward affluent mothers.

The results