How to Steer a Brand from Chaos to Coordinated Strategy


The situation

Yakima is one of the top car rack brands in the world. So when they started selling on Amazon, they thought it would be an easy win. But relying directly on Amazon to represent its products often left customers frustrated. Erratic orders and lack of transparency made it impossible to forecast demand, so products were constantly out of stock. The listings didn’t reflect the premium look and feel required to sell big-ticket items. And Amazon violated their MAP policy, resulting in unsustainably low prices that threatened the brand’s relationship with other retailers.

The Netrush approach

We set our sights on making Amazon a platform where Yakima could live up to its premium name and grow as the leading brand in its category. We hunted down rogue sellers, reducing the number of sellers from more than 20 to just one and enforced their MAP policies, giving Yakima control over their listings and pricing. We brought in demand planning expertise and insights that allowed them to forecast demand and keep their catalog well-stocked. And we executed an aggressive marketing strategy and overhauled their listings to reach and convert more customers.

The results