How to Wrangle an International Mess into a Well-Run Success


The situation

Leatherman dominates the market for multi-tools and is a household name in the US. But their international success was being held back by a messy, indirect relationship with Amazon. The European marketplace was like the Wild West with hundreds of sellers who were creating dozens of inconsistent, disorganized listings and creating an out-of-control pricing situation. No one was protecting the integrity of the brand.

The Netrush approach

Our team set to work on overhauling Leatherman’s international business, approaching the mess from several angles. We methodically sifted through the chaos, helping Leatherman track down unauthorized sellers in the EU to regain control of their brand and pricing. We completely re-organized their catalog so customers could find their products easily and we tailored their listing content for local markets, ensuring accurate translations in each language.

The results