The Cooper Column: Illustration Group

The Cooper Column: Illustration Group

In the Creative Studio, at Netrush, the spare moments of interaction you have with those you don’t normally cross paths with are incredibly refreshing. Here I am, four months in, and I’m finally getting around to discovering the amazing talents and skillsets of those that I work around but not directly with. Of course, when working in a creative atmosphere you are destined to come across this very thing at some point in time; it’s usually during a work-related project. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t quite like that for me.

Okay, rewind! Each employee, here at the office, has the opportunity to take courses that interest them through our learning portal. Somewhere along the line, an opportunity arose for those within the Creative Studio to form art-based learning groups to either build upon existing skills, learn a new skill, or do a little of both. Obviously, my interest was peaked!

At first, I couldn’t really decide. I was torn between learning motion graphics or illustration. Although, having a rather petite illustration background paired with a huge interest in drawing and painting digitally led me to put my name down under the illustration group. For this particular group, our goal was to deep dive into the realm of Procreate to build upon our digital artistry skills.

Alright, fast forward! Our illustration group started to get an understanding of each other’s art styles and spoke a lot about maybe collaborating on a side project. After copious amounts of brainstorming, the idea to create something external that would showcase our recent learnings really stuck. We figured the goal would be to produce something that highlighted each of our illustration styles but still felt inclusive to the entire Netrush community. Now the question was, how do we execute? Well, we did what any booked and busy creative would do…we made a schedule and set some deadlines. With 336 hours (a fortnight) on the clock and two checkpoint sessions on our google calendars, nothing could stop us.

You know that last Cooper Column about the scary stories? That was a product of our illustration group. At this time, Halloween was just on the horizon and spooky scary thoughts were haunting the minds of many. That’s when the idea of creating a chiller thriller themed piece, around the less than pleasant moments we have all experienced in the kitchen, was born. The excitement around being able to produce a blog piece for our website that was relaxed but incredibly relevant to the company culture is what really pushed the concept of putting together a specific theme.

Why did I bring this up? Well, I suppose I wanted to highlight the cool things we got going on in terms of extracurricular activities here at Netrush. We’re all pretty busy here with our initial daily tasks, as we should be, so there aren’t too many opportunities available to collaborate on side projects with one another. Being that I’m still pretty fresh to all things Netrush means I’m still getting to know people; by joining this group, I got to really know a few of the members from the Creative Studio better and discovered their own personal interests within the world of illustration. Needless to say, this was a really enjoyable experience for all of us and we’re looking forward to our next art adventure.