Is Amazon Go Just a Data Machine?


Will Amazon Go replace conventional grocery stores? Amazon has a goal with Amazon Go, and it might not be exactly what we think.

A recent article in U.S. News highlighted what Gianna Puerini and Dilip Kumar, executives at Amazon Go, discussed during Shoptalk 2018. “With the Amazon Go app, the retailer can get real-time customer feedback, which helps guide the store in what to stock. In fact, after hearing from vegans complaining about how cheese is mixed into the salads, Amazon Go is now offering the cheese on the side.”

The keystone of Amazon Go, more than likely, is data. Amazon’s “just walk out” grocery store acts as an information hub, allowing the retailer to learn what types of food and perishable products their customers are most attracted to, which may ultimately benefit Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime Now, and potentially Whole Foods — particularly in the Seattle area.

While customer data is being used to enhance the Amazon Go experience, Amazon is undoubtedly collecting consumer preferences and habits to refine their e-commerce-based food and perishable offerings.