Key Themes from the 2018 Netrush Summit


Last week, Netrush convened brand partners from all categories for a two-day event focused on learning and planning. The annual summit allows senior leaders to plan for 2019 and beyond, including hiring and resource allocation across marketing, creative services, supply chain, and other areas critical for success. Additionally, Netrush partner brands rely on the event to hear from industry experts about trends shaping Amazon, e-commerce, and the broader retail ecosystem.

“We really value the partnerships that have been created. We view our annual event as business critical,” said Brian Gonsalves, CEO. “At the core of our partnerships is the fact that Netrush and our partners are investing in different but complementary capabilities. The summit allows us to engage in a way that keeps us in sync with those investments so they can plug into what we already have, whether it’s supply chain, marketing, or creative. Our partners can continue to invest in what they do best — creating great products and building their brands.”

Over the course of the summit, several key themes emerged, identifying common opportunities for brands operating in the digital retail space.

The Amazon Marketplace is always shifting.
  • Understanding how the platform is evolving is important as brands continue to seek control of their presence.

Teams need to be stronger and faster.
  • It’s no longer sufficient to have one employee “handling e-commerce.” Brands need to invest in teams and partners that are built for speed and integration.

Unification across platforms is necessary.
  • Brands need to think about their retail strategy holistically. Amazon is just one piece of the puzzle — but it can be highly influential on the path to purchase, even when customers are shopping elsewhere.

Brands need to bridge the gap between digital and physical.
  • The path to purchase is complex and brands need to meet consumers where they are. Having a strong digital strategy can have a major impact on brick-and-mortar success.

Netrush’s advantage is its community of brands.
  • Having a robust and diverse group of brands allows us to offer more to our partners. These brands benefit from learning and executing at scale.