Kohl’s Accepts Amazon Returns, and It’s Working


Back in October, Kohl’s launched a pilot partnership with Amazon. “In 10 select Kohl’s stores across the Los Angeles and Chicago areas,” the press release reads, Kohl’s features “Amazon Smart Home Experience” displays, showcasing Echo products and smart home appliances. Additionally, these stores allow “free, convenient Amazon Returns.” Following the announcement, Kohl’s increased the number of stores accepting Amazon Returns to 42 in Chicago and 39 in Los Angeles.

A recent article by Fortune highlights the benefits for the brick-and-mortar retailer. Store traffic at Amazon-partnered Kohl’s stores in Chicago has seen 8.5% higher traffic than standard stores, and around 56% of shoppers who returned Amazon purchases to Kohl’s were new Kohl’s customers, compared to around 43% in standard stores. “Shoppers also appeared to spend more time in stores that offered returns,” according to the article.

Amazon has been making substantial efforts to expand their brick-and-mortar presence — Whole Foods, Amazon Go, and Amazon Books, to name a few — and is reaching broader and more diverse customer segments through their retail partnerships. As both Kohl’s and Best Buy are benefiting from their respective partnerships with the e-commerce giant, other struggling retailers may be considering teaming up with Amazon in the future.

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