Kohl’s Cashing in on Amazon Returns

Kohl’s Cashing in on Amazon Returns

You ever do that thing where you need to make a quick return, or where you finally get rid of the thing you really didn’t need, and head for the exit, but in the corner of your eye you spot that coveted cutting board that’s 40% off and you know deep down inside it will never, ever be that price again, and if you don’t buy it now you’ll miss out on the biggest deal of your life? Don’t try to deny it. We know you do, and so does Kohl’s.

After a slow start to the year in sales expectations, Kohl’s made the smart move of accepting eligible Amazon returns at all stores back in July and has already seen an increase in their store’s foot traffic. This is mostly due to the ease in the return process they offer Amazon customers. Essentially, none of the usual packaging, taping, or labeling is required – as long as you follow these steps, and make sure you are returning eligible Amazon items, then you are good to go. Doing this on your own can be kind of a hassle if you don’t have the time, right supplies, or energy to stand in line at UPS. Kohl’s can now handle it all for you.

Hold the phone, let’s not forget the part about the increase in foot traffic. Foot traffic is up 24% in the three weeks since Kohl’s stores started accepting Amazon returns. Why is this important? This is basically their big comeback for sales. The only way people are going to see the great deals going on is by walking into their stores.

This partnership with Amazon has already begun to pay off for the Kohl’s Cash dealing retail chain. The current strategy centers around the concept of knowing everyone buys things on Amazon that they may not need, want, or use after all, resulting in an item that needs to be returned. Kohl’s now has fresh customers to entice into spending every last penny they have on decorative pillows and duvet covers. Instead of fighting against the digital wave, creating this bridge between e-commerce and their brick and mortar helps Kohl’s break down the competition.