Monthly Recap – July 2017


As July comes to a close, we’re recapping the most noteworthy highlights from the month.

Netrush CEO Brian Gonsalves’ LinkedIn series

Brian Gonsalves, Netrush CEO, began the month of July by publishing a LinkedIn blog titled Hard Choices: Reevaluate Your Legacy Supply Chain. This post is one of many in a series called Enjoy The Ride, which is published by Brian each Thursday on his LinkedIn profile. Other entries this month included Remove Silos and Make Amazon a Part of Your Digital Strategy and Is The Outdoor Industry Ready For This Headline?

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Netrush attends NBJ Summit

The 20th annual NBJ Summit, sponsored by New Hope Network, kicked off on July 17, 2017. Over 300 of the nutrition industry’s most influential thinkers and power brokers gathered for four days of educational discussions and strategic think tanks surrounding the progress, opportunities, and challenges facing the industry.

Netrush CEO Brian Gonsalves was a featured speaker at this year’s summit. His sessions focused on short- and long-term opportunities during this critical point in the evolution of retail. With Amazon in mind, it’s essential for leaders to take swift action that will serve customers and focus on sustainable growth in a space where brands are increasingly more vulnerable to disruption.

Netrush attends Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

Last week, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market descended on Salt Lake City for the last time. Over the course of 22 years, Utah’s capital has welcomed this outlandish industry and its cast of burly characters, creating a show-home away from home that most attendees have come to know and love. While moving OR to Colorado has been widely supported, there was plenty to get sentimental about as folks enjoyed the show’s last run in Salt Lake City.

Even a slimmed down version of OR (after several major brands pulled out) is still impressive and overwhelming. To make the most of your time, it’s best to take the Disneyland approach, walking the entire floor once to see everything, twice to sample a few things, and three times to stop and chat.

Netrush Announces Retail Partnership with Swiftwick

Netrush announced our retail partnership with Swiftwick Socks, a leading athletic performance sock company, on July 20.

In working with Netrush, Swiftwick will focus on serving the growing base of consumers that use Amazon to discover new brands, compare features, and shop for the best options that suit their individual needs.

Ryan Riggs Joins Netrush as Director of Sports & Outdoors

Netrush announced Ryan Riggs as the newly appointed Director of Sports & Outdoors.

Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Netrush, gained from over fourteen years at premium brands such as KEEN and Columbia Sportswear. Read more here.



Enzymedica and Netrush Celebrate Partnership Anniversary with Yoga

To celebrate five years of a flourishing business partnership with Netrush, Enzymedica sponsored a yoga session at the Netrush HQ in Vancouver, Washington.

Netrush goes to Kickball Playoffs

July wrapped up the 2017 Vancouver Adult Kickball season. The Netrush Gnomes made it to the playoffs but were ultimately defeated by local kickball team Pitch Please. Photos: Brittney Corey

Netrush Kentucky hosts 2017 picnic


Netrush Vancouver hosts 2017 picnic at the Oregon Zoo

Netrush Vancouver hosted our 2017 picnic at the Oregon Zoo this year, and we were fortunate enough to be seated next to the zoo’s famous Elephant Lands. Staff members and their families enjoyed a buffet-style lunch, a raffle giveaway, and a front-row view of the Oregon Zoo’s famous elephants playing in the water.



Prime Day

In 2016, the platform sold an estimated 636 items per second and delivered a 60% increase in orders globally when compared with Prime Day 2015. With the ever increasing attention on Amazon, including the recent Whole Foods acquisition announcement, we are particularly interested in how customers respond to Prime Day 2017.

For brands that have been treating every day like Prime Day by continually optimizing their listings, driving content and marketing initiatives, and making Amazon a focal point of their digital strategy, the next 48 hours will be exciting. With the anticipated spike in shoppers who are ready to buy, organic positioning across search results will put brands in an ideal position to take advantage of the increase in traffic.Netrush is focusing on the broader, long-term implications of the event as it solidifies its place on the retail calendar.

Amazon Spark

Last month, Amazon publicly launched Amazon Spark, a social media platform built into the Amazon mobile app. Spark allows users to share photos in an Instagram-style feed, and tag the products featured in the photos. Clicking on a tagged product will direct the user to the product page, making purchasing simple. Spark asks each new user to identify a handful of interests and shows only posts that will be relevant and interesting. The posts found on Amazon Spark are most commonly lifestyle photos but can include other content like polls and product listing images.

Spark feeds currently consist of Prime users, influencers (who use #sponsored to indicate a paid promotion), and brands promoting their own products. While users have the option to follow other users, feeds are currently based on selected interests rather than friends.

Amazon Pay Places

Amazon announced Pay Places in July, a feature within the Amazon mobile app that allows users to pay in-store or order ahead with their Amazon information. The first business to partner with Amazon Pay Places is TGI Fridays. When available, users will be able to browse the TGI Fridays menu and place an order from their smartphone. More partners are expected to be announced soon.

Pay Places appears to be an extension of Amazon Pay, an e-commerce payment solution, which Amazon is currently recruiting both merchants and Amazon users to join. Amazon claims Amazon Pay helps merchants “build loyalty, maintain close customer relationships and benefit from years of Amazon innovation.” These values will be extended to brick-and-mortar businesses through Pay Places.