Netrush Welcomes Industry Veteran and Former MegaFood CEO Robert U. Craven to its Corporate Advisory Board

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Netrush is pleased to announce the addition of Robert Craven to its corporate advisory board. Craven is a veteran of the natural products sector having transitioned FoodState’s flagship MegaFood brand from growth through acquisition and into omnichannel e-commerce growth while staying fiercely committed to quality and transparency.

“Robert brings decades of experience from the natural product space and a fearlessness when it comes to navigating through change,” said Netrush CEO Brian Gonsalves. “Premium brands are committed to connecting their brand story to consumers, and Robert proved this can be done on Amazon while ensuring great products and great customer experience.”

“When I was CEO, I partnered with Netrush because they had the teams and capabilities we needed,” said Craven. “We remained partners because Netrush shared our values and pushed us to change in the direction we needed to transform. I’m thrilled to be supporting that cause from the inside by helping the team support other great brands succeed on Amazon.”

Robert’s new venture called Findaway Adventures brings capital and growth acceleration to young brands in the natural products category.

About Robert Craven

Robert is currently the CEO of Findaway Adventures, where they empower young, change-the-world companies with strategy and retail expertise to find success in the consumer packaged goods space.

Prior to founding Findaway Adventures, Robert was the CEO of MegaFood, where he expanded operations, drove sales, and initiated strategies that grew the company into the industry-leading, award-winning brand it is today.

About Netrush

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