Our Three-Step Guide to Success on Amazon (Downloads Included)


Amazon and e-commerce have been at the forefront of the retail industry over the last several months. Many brands that have avoided online marketplaces in the past are now rethinking their position. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good time to re-introduce some of the high-level concepts that go into getting started on the marketplace.

Adding Amazon into your e-commerce strategy can seem daunting. Brands enter the marketplace from all different stages of business. Maybe your brand is already on Amazon, but your catalog is a mess. Maybe your retail relationships are in jeopardy because your pricing on the marketplace is all over the place. Or maybe your brand is completely new to Amazon, and you’re just trying to reach more shoppers.

Whatever the case may be, our three-step approach is designed to help brands hit the ground running on the Amazon marketplace.


Getting Your Business Ready for the Marketplace

Think of this as the groundwork that needs to take place before laying your foundation. Defining your goals, creating a plan, and evaluating your distribution channels are all things that need to take place before you get started on the marketplace.

We refer to this phase as “getting retail ready for Amazon.” Find out more about what goes into this phase by consulting our full Guide to Retail Readiness on Amazon.



These tried-and-true steps outline how your brand can lay the foundation for longterm success on the Amazon marketplace and beyond.


Preparing Your Brand for Growth

Once your brand is ready for the marketplace, you’ll want to ensure everything is set up in a way that can sustain growth. Getting deeper into brand protection, ensuring your catalog is healthy and organized, and evaluating your packaging are all things that take place during this stage.

Read more about how we position brands for growth in our Scale Smart Guide.



Position your brand for growth by adapting your e-commerce retail strategy around scalable processes.


Engaging Shoppers with Amazon Growth Strategies

Everything we’ve done so far has been leading up to one thing: growth. This is the tip of the spear, the part where all the hard work pays off, and it’s absolutely essential to get it right. If you were to think of your Amazon strategy as an iceberg, this is the 10% that’s actually visible. Shoppers never see the infrastructure, but they do interact with photos, content, and advertisements.

Learn more about how to create a more meaningful connection with Amazon shoppers with our Engage Shoppers Guide.



Make your brand stand out from the noise using growth strategies to attract and hold shopper attention.


Partnering with an Amazon Retailer

Partnering with a full-service Amazon retailer is one of the most effective ways to get your brand up and running on the marketplace. Partners can offer your brand the expertise, resources, and capabilities to fully and effectively manage your brand’s presence on the marketplace. That being said, it’s important to choose the partnership that best fits your brand.

There are a few things brands should consider when shopping for Amazon partners:

  • Are your culture and values a good fit?
  • Does this partner have experience with similar brands and brand categories?
  • Does this partner have the capabilities to manage your Amazon presence better than your in-house capabilities?

Netrush is a full-service e-commerce partner built around the needs of premium brands. If you’d like to learn more about how we could help your brand reach your goals on Amazon, reach out and introduce yourself.