Remove Silos and Make Amazon a Part of Your Digital Strategy


Amazon Prime Day is the talk of the town this week.

Sure, it’s a big deal, but brands should be treating every day like it’s Prime Day. You can’t build your brand’s Amazon strategy around Prime Day and the holidays. Your Amazon strategy should be a part of your larger digital strategy, and all the extra traffic on Prime Day should be a welcome boost in eyeballs across your already optimized product listings.

A siloed approach to e-commerce will take you backwards. The biggest challenge for brands is creating a cohesive team structure where marketing, content, retail, and IT work together across channels, including Amazon. Ultimately, what you learn from Amazon should be applied to your other e-commerce channels, which could also help with brick and mortar locations — which plays a big role by providing customers with an opportunity to see and touch products, and to speak with someone in person.

As a leader, you’ve got to educate, guide, and inspire teams to communicate and share with one another. In the future, every day can be Prime Day if you’re ready.

Originally published by Brian Gonsalves on LinkedIn.