Sample Plus: Bridging the Gap

Sample Plus: Bridging the Gap

It’s no surprise that coming across a product sample while online shopping is an entirely different experience than it is when shopping in a physical store. Often times, the assumption is that the tactile experiences associated with brick and mortar sampling is not an option for online shoppers. When customers shop online, three of their five senses — touch, taste, and smell — are usually stripped away. With only sight (and sometimes sound) left for online shoppers, the right content in a product listing is crucial to making the purchase decision. However, studies show that product information is not always enough. It’s important to provide a mimicry of the sensory elements of a product, replicating the offline customer experience as much as possible.

When thinking about which sensory aspect to implement, keep your shopper in mind; a customer may not find the scent or texture of a chewable vitamin to be as important as taste.

While factors such as content and reviews ultimately play a major role in the path to purchase, the idea here is that the customer feels even more confident in their full-size purchase after trying a low-risk sample. Brands that go this route in their e-commerce strategy are also able to cut down on the customer returns that were a direct result of something that could have been resolved or detected from a low-cost sample. On a broad scale, sampling strengthens a product’s position on the digital shelf by increasing traffic, sales, and reviews on the product listing, all while giving the customer a traditionally in-store experience from the comfort of their couch.

For a lot of brands, finding a way to break down the digital wall between e-commerce and brick and mortar can be tricky. Sample Plus, a new program offered by Netrush, not only provides brands with a strategy to convert potential customers into advocates for their brand and products, but also gives customers the try-before-you-buy experience they’ve been looking for.