Sample Plus FAQs

Sample Plus FAQs

Sample Plus is a program that attracts hard-to-win shoppers and turns them into lifetime customers. We do this by offering low-cost samples on Amazon and use a couponing strategy to drive conversion to full-size product purchases.

With any new program, questions will arise. Good news, we have the answers.

What is Sample Plus all about?

Customers love trying samples in-store — and Netrush brings that experience to Amazon. Making a full-size purchase is a big commitment for many shoppers, so we tear down the walls. From there, it’s easy for the customer to scale up to a full-size purchase. Here’s how it works:

Attract – Reach new shoppers that would have never otherwise tried your product by offering low-cost samples on Amazon

Coupon – Customers that love your product are encouraged to buy an Amazon-exclusive full-size product with an included coupon

Convert – The coupon is redeemed, and the full-size order is processed and fulfilled by Netrush

What do you mean by “Amazon-exclusive”?

A key benefit to Sample Plus is gaining full control — of data, customer experience, and listing content. We accomplish this by working with your team to launch an Amazon-exclusive full-size version of your product, designed specifically for the Sample Plus campaign. Ideally, the Amazon-exclusive will be a new size variation of an existing product. However, we’re not closed off to the idea of your brand using Sample Plus as a way to get a new product off the ground.

What are the costs?

Samples are provided to Netrush by your brand. Netrush will transport both the sample size and Amazon-exclusive variant, while your brand will be responsible for fulfillment fees of the sample size. There are no hidden fees or surprises, and we can work with you to determine how to offset costs in order to make this program financially sound for you.

Where can I find the sample size and Amazon-exclusive variant on Amazon?

The sample size and Amazon-exclusive variation will be available for purchase within your current product listing as new size options. This makes it easy for shoppers to see that they can try a sample of your product before purchasing at full-size.


How is Netrush supporting the program?

We’ll be providing services such as listing launch, optimization, regular monitoring, customer service support, design of a custom branded insert to accompany the sample, coupon redemption, marketing strategy support, customer order fulfillment, category analysis, and robust program reporting. The ball is in your court should you choose to fund advertising efforts for the program. In this case, you will also receive a turnkey marketing strategy proposal from us, with the addition of full campaign management services at no cost to you.

To be clear, Netrush will have selling exclusivity of the samples and the Amazon-exclusive variation only for the duration of the program which can be customized to fit your needs.

How will the program interact with my current Amazon Strategy?

Sample Plus is designed to complement your current Amazon strategy, rather than interfering with or replacing it. Even as a stand-alone program, we’re invested in your long-term success on Amazon.

Thinking about trying Sample Plus for yourself? Or maybe you have just a few more questions. Check out our landing page for more information!