Steve Klinetobe Joins NetRush as Executive Creator Director


The team at NetRush is excited to announce that Steve Klinetobe will be joining our ranks as the Executive Creative Director. Steve brings a wealth of experience and creative prowess to the NetRush studio, where he’ll be leading our highly motivated content department.

Steve has spent the last two decades establishing himself as a creative sage by driving the storytelling processes for some of the Pacific Northwest’s most advanced agencies and brands. His appointment comes at a critical moment in the ongoing NetRush story, as we look for ways to add more value to our brand partners and continue asserting ourselves as a creative force.

The brands we partner with have given our content and marketing teams an opportunity to refine their craft as storytellers operating on the bleeding edge of e-commerce. With Steve’s guidance, our teams are set to expand on their existing knowledge base and discover new ways to make stronger connections to customers.

“I can’t tell you how much NetRush has won me over,” Steve said. “The people, the culture, the mission: awesome. We’re going to be telling great stories over here. I’ve spent my career creating content that forms an honest connection. At NetRush, I’ll be working with an amazing team to build content to enhance the interaction between a brand and a shopper.”

In 2017, our goal is to continue doing what we’ve doing best: deliver the most enhanced, engaging experience on the Amazon marketplace on behalf of our brands. And continue to crush it as a company that makes working with brands rewarding and fun. The announcement was made at our monthly All-Staff meeting, which brings our teams across two states together for a cross-continental discussion about life at NetRush.

About Steve Klinetobe

Steve Klinetobe is a creative director, marketing strategist, writer, and illustrator who specializes in creating great stories. He has over two decades of experience, working with agencies and brands, helping teams tell stories in a human way that people connect with.