The Cooper Column: 12 Weeks of Netrush

The Cooper Column: 12 Weeks of Netrush
Week 1:

Everything’s new. Fresh. Free coffee is in your presence. You don’t drink coffee? They have tea and water too. You’re smiling a little too much. It’s okay for now because you’re new. After some time though, you’ll have to learn to mask the over-excitement. Otherwise, you’ll look crazy.

Week 2:

You finally figure out where the second water filter is, even though you were told multiple times during week one. No worries, you’re just overwhelmed by all the amenities. But you have your basic needs met now.

Week 2.5:

Meetings are at an all-time high. You’re learning more about Netrush. For some reason, you still don’t know where the meeting rooms are. You pretend you’re not lost. You indeed are very lost. A familiar face appears. You ask where meeting room 25 is.

Week 3:

You start forgetting the names of people you had lunch with just last week. You look through your email list and hope they have a headshot by their name. They do, but you forgot your glasses and your eyesight is questionable.

Week 4:

It’s been a month. Your manager asks if you’re having fun. You’re still struggling with names and you don’t know where the pineapple room is, but work is smooth.

Week 5:

The projects start rolling out. You’re getting into the swing of things. The creative studio is becoming more familiar. Procreate is second nature. You discover where they keep the bandages.

Week 6:

You’re in the thick of things. That Netflix show you’ve been binging sounds like a good thing to watch during lunch. As you prepare your food you see the couch filled with people playing Smash Bros. on the flat screen. It’s getting heated. You take a bite of your burrito.

Week 7:

Time is an illusion. It still feels like the first day of school. More projects roll in and brainstorming quests take place. It’s already your second All Staff Meeting. You can’t help but think about the toaster oven. You really need to learn how to use it.

Week 8:

Your benefits are about to kick in. An eye appointment is ready to be made. Someone tells you where to get sticky notes. You don’t understand how you went this long without sticky notes.

Week 9:

You’re writing more articles and helping with presentation decks. People are taste testing coffee in the kitchen. Six Dixie Cups of coffee are now pumping through your bloodstream. You don’t drink coffee. Your leg will eventually stop shaking.

Week 10:

You’re enjoying the group chat. Another nacho celebration has begun. Leaving your desk you see a puppy outside. Your manager brought his puppy. This is the greatest of days. You take a picture of your nachos. 100+ people watched the Netrush Instagram Story. Turns out, 100+ people also enjoy nachos.

Week 11:

The Illustration team you’re in started about three weeks ago and it’s going strong. You meet and talk about art styles. Life is chill for about an hour. You go to the kitchen and open the fridge. A plastic zip bag with refried bean dip inside labeled, “BAG OF BEANS” stares back at you. This was your creation but you decided to tell no one.

Week 12:

There are pancakes in the kitchen. How fast 12 weeks has come and gone. You’ve learned a lot and understand more than before. Achieving many small tasks, like how to work the printer, brings another smile to your face. You’re curious about what’s to come. You take a bite of your pancake.