The Cooper Column: Behind the Summit

Behind the Summit

People I’ve never met before are mingling, networking, if you will. Savory snacks and drinks are being ingested while a well curated jazz playlist flutters in the background as a group of people speak in hushed tones about business. Then there’s me, awkwardly writing out a name tag for a Netrush employee I had yet to encounter from Hebron, Kentucky. We chat about the south *record scratch* I bet you’re wondering how I got here. Actually, I bet you’re wondering where I’m at.

Here’s the deal. The information I’m about to share with you is totally not a secret but we can pretend it is so it feels more exclusive. I’m going to give you a little peek behind the curtain of the Netrush 2019 Executive Summit.

First off, I have to take it way back to around my first week at Netrush. To plan something this big you’re going to need some sort of weekly meeting set in stone in order to check progress and such, right? Right! So, one of my first meetings was actually our Executive Summit meeting. Buckets of information about this huge event were thrown my way and I’m pretty sure I struck out there. I was barely holding on to what was happening. Alright, fast forward a month or two and boom, I had a full understanding of what was about to go down and which parts of it the Communications team was set to take on. Many of our duties were split among us but the major tasks at hand were name tags, notebooks, presentation prep, and a screensaver for the televisions.

Have you ever seen the “Expectation vs. Reality” illustrations? Well, rather than explaining every detail of everything that was to be finished prior to Summit opening night, here is a visual of how everything basically went down. I present to you the Expectation vs. Reality Summit Checklists: