The Cooper Column: Comic Relief

The Cooper Column: Comic Relief

Taking a moment to let your mind wander and bask in the newness is always good. Being new to the scene can feel a little nerve-wracking when it comes to recalling new information which you have just been introduced to – but it also means picking up on the funny ways things work in the office. As I look back on my first couple weeks here at Netrush, I can’t help but remember some of my more minor moments of discovery. Here’s a tiny taste of the encounters that I have had with some of my Netrush buddies.


Nachos were devoured. Beans were scarce. A birthday was celebrated. A moment I observed that had me laughing inside my head for a little too long. The fear displayed in the face of a bean shortage is now branded into my memory for whatever reason, and I’m not even mad about it. 



When I say “treats”, you say “run to the kitchen around 8:30 AM before they’re all gone!” Working in the south building has a major perk – and that’s being closer to the tasty snacks and baked goods that get brought in routinely by our amazing staff.



It wasn’t long before I learned that everyone is given a special moniker from the designated nickname giver. All it took was for me to be seen drinking a smoothie out of a tomato sauce jar (reduce, reuse, recycle is the way to go, people). You can now call me V8 (or maybe don’t). On occasion, the name morphs to V-Ocho or V-Huit.


All jokes aside, I am learning a great deal about the ways of Netrush and how we do what we do best. As a new hire, different departments will schedule informational sessions that give a brief overview of a particular department’s job function. It can be a lot to take in within such a short amount of time, but you can trust that it will all seep in eventually.