The Cooper Column: Puppy Accessory Styling

The Cooper Column: Puppy Accessory Styling

On this episode of “What I learned at Netrush is…,” guess who earned their dog collar styling badge? I had the opportunity to help the photo studio team with product styling this time around. Let’s take it back for a second, I do have a background in styling but much of that experience involved garment styling for, and on, the human figure for both photo shoots and runway. In this case, I styled dog collars and leashes from our partner Ruffwear.

Styling dog collars and leashes? Easy as lemons, right? Steam it, shape it, done. Well, not quite. Here, let me explain, anytime a photoshoot is about to go down, the brand will usually provide this handy dandy reference material called a style guide. Style guides hold the key to getting that perfect shot. In my case, the style guide aides me in placing the product in the correct shape and position; for a photographer, the style guide helps with angles, lighting, and further photo manipulation which will need to take place later on.

Oh, but what a challenge it was to form a top-notch oval-shape with those dog collars. The thing is, dog collars are not necessarily the easiest things to shape. Essentially, the toughest shots were those which required the product to sit in a position other than flat. Nothing a few bits of tape, a couple of pins, tacky goo, and some fierce steaming of fabrics couldn’t handle, am I right?! Once we really got a handle on how we needed to treat the product in order to get the right shot, we repeated the process with the rest of the product and called it a day; it was all smiles, all-around (maybe they were forced, maybe they weren’t).

Above all, our studio team does a wonderful job ensuring brands have a cohesive visual message on Amazon and across other channels. “Yeah, that’ll do” isn’t what they settle for no matter the task.

What else did I learn at Netrush during these puppy accessory styling days? I learned that embracing trial and error with a tub full of patience, surrounded by some solid problem solvers is the only way to finish the puzzle. Maybe throw in a few popsicles and you’re living the dream.