The Cooper Column: Scary Stories

A Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark parody with cover imagery illustrated by Jessica Forgue

I am a kitchen, quiet and still. Not long until I will be filled.
A tale of kitchen mishaps is the one I shall give. Unlucky moments we wish not to relive.
All residing in a kitchen southbound. A place of food, fun, and sound all around.
Now, this is not a tale of business strategy. No, this is a story of taste-filled tragedy.
Look, right there our first four to appear. Let us see what makes them say, “Oh dear!”


Comic by Tyler Clay

I stepped into the kitchen for a morning snack, as I normally do. Little did I know, the food Cathy brought for everyone was already gone.






Comic by R.K. Cobban

Everyone believed the urban legend that the Netrush Gnome was eating people’s unmarked food out of the fridge. Until Fred got caught one afternoon.






Comic by Janay Cooper

He was so young. Stocked just yesterday. A nice lad of bite-sized cheese crackers who always stayed in his lane. Never took up too much space or made fun of the others. We’ve heard the horror stories. Those are not just “field trips.” We tried our best to keep him inside but the banging on the other side of the clear wall from the creature was much too strong.





Comic by Jessica Forgue

It’s a rainy Monday morning. You walk through the office door five minutes before a meeting. Coffee is needed more than air itself, but surely it’s waiting for you in the kitchen. No worries, you spot Jess at the coffee machine and she’s for sure going to save you some. You hear sputtering but it can’t be the end of the coffee, can it? Making your way over to the coffee station you press down on the carafe – only to be met with pathetic putters of coffee-scented air. You think back to the side-eye Jess gave you while pouring herself a cup. You enter your meeting, caffeine-less.



Meet the Artist:

Tyler Clay, Content Producer

Loves photography (duh), film, illustration, drawing, Smash Bros…and a million other things he will master one day! Now at Netrush, he provides the creative studio team with top-notch photo content and killer Tater and Tot doodles (his comic in the works).

R.K. Cobban, Senior Graphic Designer

Grew up wanting to be a wildlife biologist yearning to chase bears around the Alaskan tundra. Now at Netrush, he provides the creative studio team with amazing designs, feedback, and leadership (and his wife’s banana bread).

Janay Cooper, Content Specialist

Enjoys a good holiday snack every now and then – her favorite is TimTams. Now at Netrush, she provides the communication team with sweet visual content and slang she completely made up, like Holiday Snack (apparently this is not a real thing).

Jessica Forgue, Production Artist

Moved to Portland after going rogue on a Moby Dick revival fishing mission in the stormy seas of Boston. Now at Netush, she provides the creative studio team with daily sneaker inspiration, incredible product set up skills, and a mysterious Massachusetts accent that appears only when someone mentions that it’s “too cold for iced coffee.”