The Cooper Column: The Frequent Flyer

The Cooper Column: The Frequent Flyer

It was almost mid-July. The spicy summer heat hadn’t yet hit (because it’s the Pacific Northwest, it’s expected). I lowered into my chair and proceeded to check my email. “Here’s your first project!” I heard from the next desk over. My mission was to update the Netrush Garage Sale flyer and yes, I chose to accept it. Then it hit me! WAIT A MINUTE, WE HAVE A GARAGE?! The answer was no, but what we did have was a selection of very gently used and discontinued products being sold to friends, family, and employees in our partner store later that month.

I was excited that I was finally getting the chance to play ball with the big kids but that’s when the panic hit. My palms were sweaty, knees weak, and Adobe Creative Cloud was waiting. This was the moment, people. The moment of truth. Did I truly know how to use the alignment tools? A voice broke the silence of my internal breakdown, “The gist of your assignment is to make sure that dates, times, and copy are changed accordingly, does that make sense?” It sure did make sense. I was ready to take on my first Netrush project. With my filtered water, mid-morning snack, and the Shrek soundtrack blasting through the speakers, there was nothing stopping me.

Before I knew it, the flyers were printed and ready for distribution around the neighborhood. Not to get into it but at this point, the heat of the summer had kicked in and the distribution route was walking distance. I no longer wear two sweaters just for fun anymore.

Fast forward two months later and bam! It’s happening again! Now let me hit you with all the juicy details on what’s new. No longer is it called a garage sale. Nobody is selling you old speakers or dirty sneakers. It’s now called the Netrush Warehouse Sale (cue the jazz hands). It sounds fancy but I can assure you there’s no secret ticket or pass necessary to shop. Seriously, you can bring your family, friends, maybe your dog, your neighbor’s dog, or just a dog in general (please bring dogs). This time around, the Communications team is on the case to figure out a fun design with a fresh layout for the new flyers.

So go ahead my friends, treat yourself to a hammock! I, personally, am thinking about investing in a nice little backpack or maybe some shoes. Perhaps I could splurge on a few dog booties. I mean, I don’t even have a dog, but why not?