The Cooper Column: Work Life Trends

The Cooper Column: Work Life Trends

The latest news in cutting-edge lifestyle work crazes is out! This season, it’s all about hopping onto the coolest of office trends. Here are three of the hottest work life trends observed here at Netrush. From the best desktop stationery to what you should do when you’re running low on your desk draw hot sauce stash. Thinking about changing up your coffee routine? Check out the supplies station in the south building near the printer and, while you’re at it, help yourself to some agave honey.

Keep It “Clean”

No one likes a messy workstation. Clutter is so last season. Or is it? Here’s the deal, as long as spills from your morning cups of tea and crumbs from the kitchen cookies don’t live amongst your desk for more than a few minutes, you’re doing alright. Spice up your scenery with neon-colored sticky notes reminding you to send that email or how to make a project request. Keep a stash of Netrush pens at your workstation for those moments when you need to jot down notes in your Netrush journal. Collections of fun desk trinkets, photos, postcards, questionable doodles, after work grocery lists, plants, fun little doodads, and books, are all welcome in the land of an organized desk space. It adds character and is highly encouraged here at Netrush. Express yourself and have fun with it.

BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch)

The biggest lunch frenzy of the decade has just switched. It used to be all about eating out at restaurants with coworkers. Now, it’s about packing a lunch and then eating that lunch as a mid-morning snack because you changed your mind and you’d rather go out to eat with coworkers. Alright, let’s just say you’re committed to staying at the office and want to eat the lunch you packed instead. Keep it chic by utilizing all the Netrush kitchen accent pieces. Forgot a fork? Let the sticker labels lead the way. If your food is a little bland, accessorize with salt and pepper located near our super fly microwaves. Uh oh! You just ran out of hot sauce?! Try scoping out the fridge for anything with an NR label on it. That means it’s for the community and totally up for grabs (just don’t forget to put it back)! Completely spaced on bringing something to drink? Help yourself to the juice boxes above the fridge or buy yourself a nice bubbly water from the vending machine. And sure, you can sit at your desk, but why not venture out to the snazzy seating options in our kitchen areas. If you’re sad about not going out for lunch, head over to the north building kitchen booths – a real restaurant experience in the comfort of the office.

Let’s Get Stretching

Get with the program…the fitness program that is! Let’s leave nodding off at your desk in the early 2000s where it belongs. At Netrush we like to stay awake (or “woke” as the youths would say). We keep it fit and fun by elevating our desks and standing while we work. This is perfect for when your sneakers are “too fresh” for an afternoon walk. Take advantage of the on-site gym if it’s too cold and rainy outside. Try to get the blood flowing in your limbs again with a couple of quick stretches. Reach your arms above your head toward the ceiling while tilting your head back. Just close your eyes and think about all those deadlines. You’ll be back to work in no time!

Now, try some out for yourself and discover what feels natural in your everyday work routine. Lucky for us, with the recent setting back of the clocks, we’ve now earned an extra hour each morning to sit and think about which trend to hop on. Unless you’re into sleeping until the last possible second, only allowing yourself enough time to remember which coat you put your keys in last or which child needs to be fed and driven to school first. Thankfully, there are energy-boosting liquids, provided for you at the office, awaiting your arrival to get you back on track for a stylish day ahead.