Today Is Prime Day, and Here’s What Amazon Is Hoping You’ll Buy


Prime Day starts today at 3:00 PM EST, or at 12:00 PM for those of us on the West Coast. Amazon released a “Ready, Set, Save” press release this morning, outlining many of the prominent Prime Day deals. By taking a close look at what the retail giant is promoting, we can clearly see where Amazon’s priorities are.

Amazon Devices

Amazon’s Echo and Fire lines of products will be heavily discounted during Prime Day, showing Amazon’s continuous push for customer integration in their ecosystem. In addition to offering physical product discounts, Amazon is promoting their “best deal ever” on Amazon Music Unlimited, a discounted Echo Dot Kids Edition (which includes FreeTime, a child-friendly subscription service), and 10% back on Amazon devices when using an Amazon credit card. The retailer knows that shoppers who use their voice assistant are more likely to shop on Amazon, those who use Fire TV are more likely to watch Amazon Video, and those who introduce their kids to Alexa will create lifelong customers.

Smart Home

Put simply, Amazon wants their customers to use Alexa as much as possible. By discounting an array of smart home devices, such as smart plugs, sprinklers, and lights, the retailer is enticing shoppers who are on the fence about talking to their lamps.

Amazon Private Label Products

With access to seemingly bottomless consumer data, Amazon has been able to use purchase behavior to create a wide range of well-performing private label products. The retailer’s focus is primarily split between apparel and essentials, and during Prime Day, shoppers will save as much as 50% on Amazon-owned brands. Although it’s becoming increasingly more difficult, brands competing for visibility on Amazon have an opportunity to rise above private labels by facing the challenge head-on.

Various Amazon Integrations

Pushing customer dependence on the Amazon marketplace, the retailer is offering an additional 30% discount on Subscribe & Save orders and an additional 15% discount on Dash Button orders. Expanding outside of the Amazon-specific umbrella, IMDb Pro can be purchased for its lowest price ever, and many Alexa-enabled and Fire-enabled products made by 3rd parties are heavily discounted.

Video Games

Amazon owns major live streaming platform Twitch. Discounting video games makes a lot of sense.

It’s clear where Amazon’s head is: the majority of the most publicized deals promote customer integration in the Amazon ecosystem. And with Prime Day 2018 estimated to bring in over $3.4 billion, it appears that their strategy is working. For brands looking to make the most out of Amazon’s annual sales event, read A Closer Look at Amazon Prime Day 2018.