Portland Trail Blazer Zach Collins Visits Netrush: Four Key Points

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Netrush CEO, Brian Gonsalves, loves a good sports analogy. In fact, that’s his go-to move when giving team pep talks.

At the Netrush Monthly All-Staff meeting, BG got his shot at blending sports with sporting personalities, when Portland Trail Blazer star forward Zach Collins sat down for a quick Q & A with our team.

The pair talked about a range of topics, from learning good habits to team dynamics, and what’s in his Amazon cart.

Above And Beyond As Standard Practice

In high school, all I needed to do was block the ball and that would be enough. When I got to college, I would get on the court and do the same move, and was told that I needed to do more. I thought I was doing great! Turns out, I needed to be completing multiple moves out there for my team.

Good Habits Take Practice

For me, getting enough sleep has always been tough. And I’ve learned that it’s really important to overall health. That’s why I really want to make sure that I’m sleeping well 3-4 nights before a game – because it takes consistency. It’s the same with eating. You can’t eat badly the whole week and then clean it up the night before. That’s not going to work out.

Preparation is Key

We have a great coaching staff that is very detail-oriented. Before every game, we have offensive keys and defensive keys. We probably watch more film than we actually practice.

Even NBA Players Buy Random Things on Amazon

What do I buy on Amazon? Things I don’t need. Electronics, mostly. Also presents for my family. My parents got a new dog, so I gave them a bunch of dog treats and dog toys.